Our History

Arway Confections opened in 1950 with the concept of offering higher quality products than what was then available. The first product was Chocolate Pecan Caramel Patties. Sears Roebuck & Co., at the time was the largest retailer in the United States, became Arway’s first customer. Arway worked closely with Sears to develop quality standards for the candy industry which are still in effect today. Arway earned four “Symbol of Excellence Awards” for superior quality and dependable service. Sears became loyal customer for the next four decades.

Arway learned early on that HIGHER QUALITY PRODUCTS + BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE + COMPETITIVE PRICING = A LOYAL CUSTOMER BASE. This formula has worked for Arway. The company has steadily grown and expanded its customer base from a single customer to serving hundreds of distributors, retailers fund-raisers, baggers, catalogs, nut companies, and marketing companies nationwide.

Arway has grown from a single product to producing hundreds of different items. Our current capacities include Panning, Enrobing, Open-Fire Copper Kettle Cooking, Oil Roasting, and Custom Mixing. Arway is continuously expanding its list of stock products.

We have implemented programs and procedures designed to maintain the quality and integrity of our product as we continue to grow and prosper. Arway is Kosher Certified, AIB audited, and is also in good standing with all city, state, and federal agencies.

We have a core team of experienced, dedicated, hard working individuals, and together there is no limit to what we can accomplish. An in-depth understanding of the commodities we purchase saves our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. Fresh inventories and Arway’s friendly staff enable us to facilitate orders in an extremely efficient manner. Our service record over the last 55+ years is second to none in the industry.

Let us show you first hand what hundred of others in the candy and nut industries already know; Arway Confections is a great business partner.